Friday, February 15, 2013

Bits and Pieces 14: Stomping Grounds


One of the main reasons this blog of mine has seen less activity than a nerd's sex life is because I have a laptop that isn't worth a shit.  It's a nightmare piece of hardware that slowly drains the life out of anyone that uses it and for the most part I opt not to.

So I do everything from my phone nowadays.  Lucky for mr there's a blogger app that will allow me to update this thing without having to use that shitty laptop.


Since I've started reading a lot of comics lately on a regular basis, going from just Invincible and the regular Batman title to also reading seven X-Men titles (eventually eight) and a Spider-Man book making it eleven monthly titles come April, I've been noticing some quirky things regarding the ages of the characters.  In All-New X-Men young Scott is said to be 14 and now Scott is said to be 40.  That means out of the sixty years of publication for the X-Men Cyclops has only aged 27 years.  During Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men he has Emma say she's 27.  Is she still 27? Or does Scott like the younger ladies?  And for how long has Scott been 40?

I love this because it continues thr history of the universe and adds to it.  I love fictional history, not continuity mind you, but history.  All-New X-Men is my current favorite of the Marvel Now explosion -- followed closely by Cable and X-Force and Deadpool -- because it hits those nostalgia points for long time X-Men readers while providing a fresh take on the X-Men world of things.  Which is a lot of fun.  It seems that all the new X titles from Marvel a presenting fresh new spins on that corner of the Marvel Universe and it's more than enough to get me hooked.


Speaking of fresh new spins, Superior Spider-Man is just that.  Writer Dan Slott is having fun with the book, and you can tell by how he's writing it, and having fun with the readers.  All the stuff that seemed to be controversial before the series started is being undercut by awesome bait and switch moves that keep things interesting.  And the art is this hyper weird mix between Todd McFarlane and one of those more cartoony guys that's worked on Spider-Man since Todd's departure two decades ago.


Where did Scott Snyder come from?  Dude wasnt on my radar almost two yeara ago and now I adore anything and everything he writes.  My first experience with Mr. Snyder's work was with Batman # 1 from the New 52 launch and I didn't buy it because of his name.  I bought it because I'm a long time fan of Greg Capullo's art.  And I wasnt that impressed with the first issue and financial issues kept me from sticking with it past the first issue so I decided to wait for the trade.  Now Batman is a title I buy month in and month out, I buy the American Vampire hardcovers when hr become available and I've started going back and buying everything with Mr. Snyder's name attached to it beginning with Gates of Gotham and The Black Mirror.  He's really good at what he does.


Oh, shit!  Here it comes!

Now that I'm using my phone to write this stuff on, more content will be coming.  The 20 Year Anniversary stuff for Image Comics even though Image is now 21 years old, the Art of Todd McFarlane,  other comic book stuff and other video game stuff I've been meaning to write about but kept putting off because of that laptop. All relatively soon!

So, yep!

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