Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All New, All Different, All Dameyon.

After a little bit of thinking and evaluating, I decided to cancel the fighting game only blog, move everything to a different place, and do an ALL me blog. A blog about everything that makes me... well, ME.

This one's gonna be crammed full of stuff from all over the place. Movies, Comics, video games, FIGHTING GAMES -- most definitely -- television programs, books, art, random stuff, bits of fiction here and there... it's just gonna be an all me blog.

So, yeah.


  1. well i went off wandering different blog and i found yours and i really liked it specially when you talk about the street fighter art book :3 nice blog great job n_n

  2. Holy crap! A comment! Sorry it took me so long to notice this, haha. There's more of that kinda stuff coming, if I can just motivate myself to do it. It's been a bit lax for a while now.